segunda-feira, 2 de maio de 2011


we had a discussion. i got angry and he did too. on the following day, in the morning, i felt sorry. when i was leaving the supermarket i bought a little vase of yellow flowers to give it to him. when he was coming back from the veterinarian, he bought a vase of yellow flowers to give it to me.


i bought a small porcelain one sided grater. it seems that its main function is to grate ginger. it's beautiful and it looks like a japanese tool from the no dinasty, in which the imperial cooks were accurate in the preparation of rare meals, full of fine spices. i then decided to make a pumpkin soup with ginger. i was ready to grate the fresh ginger, still moist and perfumed, and all the fibers of the root got stuck in the grater. i needed to beat it against the sink and withdraw the fibers with a toothpick. but while i carefully removed the fibers with a kind of knife i invented with the toothpick, i thought about many good and bad things, blended to the appeal of the detailed task, the strong smell and the expectation of the soup. of course. that's what this grater was made for.