quinta-feira, 27 de outubro de 2011


it's ridiculous to say that ulysses is better than the divine comedy, than shakespeare, than homer, because ulysses is so good, that it would be an insult, both to ulysses and to the other works, to read it viewing at comparisons or competitions. but it so happens that it's hard, in order to describe the sensation, not to resort to this foolish device. ulysses is the best thing in the world and that's it.


patience can be nothing but the mask of anger.

domingo, 23 de outubro de 2011


my parents were born in the old yugoslavia. how i loved to be a descendant of yugoslavians and how it hurts not to be able to say this and, every time i say this name, to hear the inevitable question: but from which region, as if it made any difference to the listener. yugoslavia, yugoslavia, where are you? neither in servia, nor in coratia, in slovenia, or in macedonia. yugoslavia of dalmatia, dubrovnik, herzegovina, voivodina and the adriatic sea. yugoslavia where my father saw a woman slice a bread and a chicken inside a train. don't fight anymore, yugoslavians, let me say i'm yugoslavian.