sexta-feira, 5 de agosto de 2016


do you know why my cat is so beautiful? because she doesn't know she doesn't know; because she knows, without this knowledge having an object; because she looks at things as if things were her and she were the things; because, in this very moment, it is this very moment and this moment is complete when i look into her eyes; because the consistency of her body carries a cat that coincides exactly with the limits she draws in space; because she loves me without thinking that she loves me or knowing what is love; because she is beyond, and for this very same reason also before alberto caeiro and drummond; and even before e.e.cummings, that wished he had gotten there; because she's just like any other cat but different from them all; because she is a lady comparing to my dog that, on her turn, is a tramp and that's also why i love her; because she explained to me what is elegance and i didn't understand it quite well, but now i have an unreachable model; because her tail moves differently for every single thing and, finally, because she really likes strawberry yogurt.  

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