terça-feira, 23 de agosto de 2016


i tried to check my bonuses in a system called multiplus, that corresponds to my expenses in the credit card. i already had a reasonable number of poits and tati told me i might get an interesting prize. the result was that i had the right to a tool to extract hair from my nose. i don't know the name of this object. i don't have any hair in my nose. but i came to the conclusion that, finally, capitalism has fulfilled its duty. what can be more essential and useful than that? extracting hair from your nose occupies the body and the time, in other words it makes one distract from oneself, what leads to a detachment from matter and from everything that weighs on one's spirit and pocket. extracting hair from one's nose detaches the person from the frenzy of consumerism and alienation of the market. extracting hair from one's nose makes people less capitalist. it's capitalism, in its very essence, leading to its self-destruction. marx's fulfilled prophecies. i didn't want the thing, i didn't obtain the prize. i let it accumulate for, maybe, a tool to extract pits from olives. after all, i didn't want it to be me to destroy the importance of movements such as the occupy and the journeys of june two thousand thirteen. 

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